Bobble Jug

Those of us who live in developed countries know just how easy it is to access clean drinking water, but spare a thought for the many millions who do not have access to basic amenities. If you are still running scared of catching some sort of bug in your drinking water, then here is a suggestion for all paranoid Androids – the £32.99 Bobble Jug that will come in black, blue, pink and green shades. All you need to do is fill up the jug from a tap, and then pour out that refreshing cup of fresh water. The activated carbon filter is said to make short work of the odor as well as chlorine from the tap water, allowing you to savor each and every single drop that goes through your mouth after that.
Each carbon filter is capable of filtering through up to 150 litres of clean water, and since the Bobble Jug is made out of recycled PET, you know for sure that you are doing your bit for the environment. Bear in mind that the filtering process begins when water is being poured into the jug itself, so you can always remove the cover after that when you place the Bobble Jug on the dining table. The Bobble Jug can hold up to approximately 2 liters of life giving water.