Virtual Mountain Bike Racing Simulator

I believe that there are two schools of thought when it comes to running and cycling – one of them prefer the actual outdoors, traversing off the beaten trails as well as pavements and parks, while the other prefer a more sterilized environment which is far safer, and in the comfort of an air conditioned room, hence the springing up of gyms and fitness centers all over the place. Those who love cycling and yet prefer to remain indoors at their own comfort can always settle for the $7,000 Virtual Mountain Bike Racing Simulator.
This exercise bike will come with a video screen that actually simulates riding a mountain bike through outdoor courses. You will naturally use your pedal as well as steer the bike to control the on-screen avatar that is depicted via a 17″ color LCD monitor, and to challenge yourself to faster times, you will be up against other virtual cyclists on one of 80 outdoor courses. Some of the courses include a serpentine desert course, in addition to an undulating highland track. Yes, you might be shielded from the elements by riding on this, but you also lose out on experiencing the actual terrain. It really depends on what floats your boat.