Mercedes Benz comes up with one-sided invisible car

James Bond called up Mercedes Benz, and he wants his car back. This ad campaign from the German marque definitely captured the attention of many people, where a Canon 5D Mark II camera is mounted on one side of the vehicle to record and send a live video feed over to the opposite side of the car, that incidentally is covered all over with LEDs, making the vehicle look “invisible”. Not forgetting the fact that the F-Cell from Mercedes Benz is an all-electric vehicle, you can be sure that the lack of noise from a gas-powered engine will make this vehicle all the more invisible to our senses, including sound.
Not too sure as to whether this is ever going to make its way to the military or a future film, but at least it is a start in terms of cloaking a particular vehicle. I suppose it is not going to be too safe either to drive this on the road, as an unsuspecting cyclist or motorcyclist might just ram into the side of your expensive Mercedes simply because they thought that it was a clear path ahead. Hey, stuff like that happens, I walked right into a glass wall once simply because I thought there was nothing there.