CLEANCut Paper Towel Dispenser – Goes to any Length

Paper towels, the forgotten kitchen essential, I always leave my paper towels right on the counter. There are always folks who take their paper towels a bit more seriously and feel the need to mount a towel holder to the wall or under their cabinets. This next item takes the paper towel to a whole new level and makes the mundane task of paper towel dispensing high tech.
Welcome the CLEANCut touchless paper towel dispenser. Unlike similar automatic dispensers, the CLEANCut instantly reacts to you breaking a beam of LED light. You begin dispensing by breaking the beam and decide when its time to “cut to size” by breaking the beam on the opposite side. There is no need to wait, no need to touch anything with your dirty little hands,  CLEANCut sensors will instantly slice and deliver your towel.
Interestingly, CLEANCut works with any brand of paper towels, not requiring you to purchase a special refill for their unit, and it certainly doesn’t mind perforated brands, it still slices the paper where you command. Obviously not having to touch anything in order to grab a towel helps stop the spread of germs and bacteria and its just so darn convenient.
I’m thinking I’ll probably use less paper towels, since there are many times I take a whole piece, or even two, when just one half would do. It’s no secret I am also in love with gadgets, the more the better, so why not bring my paper towels into the fold?
The CLEANCut is available in black, white or stainless steel finish starting at around $139.00 from

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  1. I have been seeing this CLEANCut Touchless Paper Towel dispenser all over the place lately! I finally decided to go out and buy one and I have to say –I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! It saves me a ton of money in paper towels (which, in turn conserves resources)…and is such a handy tool in the kitchen. It makes cooking & cleaning easy and actually fun!
    Sometimes they run specials on their website I think? Check it out:

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