Withings Smart Baby Monitor


Withings has finally rolled out their Smart Baby Monitor, where it will merge world-class technology alongside sophisticated design in order for parents to be able to monitor, interact and communicate with their precious bundle of joy regardless of where they are in the world at the moment. Granted, the Smart Baby Monitor from Withings, the France-based company, is not exactly the most sought after item on the consumer electronics market, but that does not mean it is not essential to any modern household.

The Withings Smart Baby Monitor will come with a pre-loaded application affectionately known as WithBaby, and will function as a modern take on traditional baby monitors, while offering parents the advanced technology in the monitoring and interaction with their newborn.

Just how did the Smart Baby Monitor come about? Well, every story has a beginning, and the Withings Smart Baby Monitor was developed with both technology and design in mind. Not only does the Smart Baby Monitor look pleasing to the eye, it also delivers important information on their child’s environment and allows them to interact with their child – no matter where they are. The Smart Baby Monitor is capable of detecting sound, movement, temperature and humidity levels, letting parents know what kind of “move” to make next, in addition to interacting with their baby by speaking through the phone to the monitor, turning on/off lullabies and nightlight.

The French do have good design sense, where this model comes in a sleek, modern, simple and unobtrusive look. With a hinge design that allows parent to open the camera to activate it or adapt it to the right vision angle, most folks will most probably flip the camera shut to turn it off and stop camera monitoring. There is no amount of money that can guarantee the safety of someone or something, but surely forking out $299 for this ought to help new parents sleep better at night?

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