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 Okay, so who are we kidding? Happy hour was pretty fun already. I have to admit that at every party I like to include at least one signature cocktail, something new, fresh and different. For me, presentation is almost as important as the actual product so we have our fair share of ice trays and colored sugars, fancy glasses and Absinthe spoons… but this next little gizmo has some real potential to add “wow factor” to your drinks.

Check out the Ice Balls, (don’t think I didn’t hear you chuckle)I remember hearing about some uber expensive ice maker that made these beautiful spherical hunks of ice that supposedly melted much more slowly and therefore chilled better, and diluted your libations less and all that’s probably true of spherical ice, but don’t they just look appealing? Not to mention that since they are frozen in closed little BPA free containers, your ice wont taste like … well, that brown thing you have wedged in your freezer door. Fresh ice…yum.

So you can freeze these little guys (about 2 inches across) plain and use them in pitchers, punch bowls, regular glasses or anywhere you would use regular ice, and you can get extra creative and add berries, mint leaves, lemon juice (or thin slices) or even bits of basil to your “balls” and make them extra exciting. I plan to make up several batches and store them in freezer bags for unexpected company or parties.

These ingenious top rack dishwasher safe (and stackable) Ice Balls come as a pack of four, making 2 inch spheres of frozen pleasure, all for around 9 bucks. Cheers! Find them at


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