Zero Gravity Fridge Rover


We know that humans have sent rovers to Mars, and those rovers did collect their fair share of samples and video footage – however, you might be interested in a rover that is a whole lot closer to home – the $4.99 Zero Gravity Fridge Rover. In fact, this particular rover will be able to traverse the breadth and length of your fridge’s surface area, defying gravity in the process thanks to the wonders of magnetism. Your parents will also need not worry that you are a future Magneto in the making, as no mutant powers are at work here.

This tiny rover that could will defy gravity, boasting tiny wheels that are able to grip the surface in an emphatic manner. All you need to do is wind it up and let it go. The price point ought to be cheap enough for you to consider picking one of these puppies up without breaking your monthly budget in any way. Good thing you are living in the 21st century, otherwise someone might just drag you to the village square and accuse you of dabbling in witchcraft.

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