Angry Birds Flash Drives


You know the old saying, a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Well, with the Angry Birds Flash Drives, it is worth 4GB worth of storage space on the go. You are able to choose from King Piggy, Red Bird, White Bird and Yellow Bird designs. Throwing these around are not going to help you in any way though, as the data inside might just give way to your anger, so toting these in your pocket or notebook bag is the best way to travel.

Made out of high quality rubber, these unique avian friends and a porker would be ideal to stash away all of your crucial information or even family photos, music videos, movies and MP3 files. It does not matter, really, although we would have liked to see the Blue Bird design and see each of these split into three different flash drives magically when you plug it into your computer. Of course, that will not happen, but it would be cute nonetheless. The Angry Birds Flash Drives will retail for £14.99 a pop.

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