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AT&T has just announced another tablet that will join their product line up, and the honor falls to the Sony Tablet P this time around. The Sony Tablet P is a dual screen, multi-functional tablet which is perfect for mobile communication and entertainment (Sony says so anyways), and it will hit the market from March 4th onwards. This is a 4G capable tablet, so you can expect amazingly fast connection speeds whenever you are under the right network connection. The asking price for the Sony Tablet P? It will retail for $399.99 a pop, where it will be accompanied by a two-year service agreement.

One thing is for sure – the new Sony Tablet P is definitely a looker. Sporting an unprecedented dual-screen layout (anyone else think that this is the natural progression of the Nintendo DS?), the Sony Tablet P sports a couple of 5.5″ that can be used for different functions, including playing a game on one display while the other functions as a controller, or perhaps checking email on one with the other functioning as a keyboard.

Two screens do mean less battery life though, so you might want to make sure you have your charger with you wherever you go as you can never quite tell just when the tablet will run out of juice. Since it comes in a special folding design, the Tablet P ought to be able to fit into a pocket or purse easily. As for the system specifications, you will not find any Ice Cream Sandwich here as the Tablet P remains under control of Android 3.2 Honeycomb, and we have no word on whether Ice Cream Sandwich is in the works or not.

Just in case there is no 4G connection at that point in time, you can always rely on Wi-Fi connectivity. Of course, having such a connected device would amount to nothing if it does not have a data plan to go alongside, and AT&T has a bunch of different plans for you to choose from, where 3GB and 5GB plans will cost $35 and $50, respectively.

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Mike P Says: February 29, 2012 at 8:33 pm

kyocera echo, anyone? maybe grande sized.. but still… “unprecedented?”

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