Professional Football Table

Imagination is a wonderful thing, and when you think about the days when you were a kid, a single chair can be turned into a race car, a tank, or even an aeroplane. That treehouse in your backyard? That was the spawning point for hundreds of scenarios throughout the years. How about the standard square desk? We could even turn it into an impromptu football table where flickabouts of great games occur, but here is the real deal now that you have grown up and are paying your own rent – the £1,100 Professional Football Table.
Handmade in the UK (and perhaps, explaining its price), this is an engineered laser cut table which would definitely be the ideal centrepiece in any office, sports club or football fan’s home. You are able to choose your team colors (Red and Black, Yellow and Green, and Claret and Blue), but forget about kits from teams like Arsenal and Liverpool. I don’t suppose an office betting pool or mini league would be set up with this?

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  1. It is very nice artistically…..Worth buy for football fanatic. Dreaming someday i have it

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