Hey Dude, Give Me some Skin!



Of all the new developments I read about, I get excited about medical technology the most. I have a pretty good grasp as to what things used to be like as I have spent a great deal of time studying medical history, it was pretty darn scary back in the day. I have to wonder what our future generations will think of us someday, when they look back at some of our “advances”. Because right now, I have to say, I am pretty darn impressed.

Check out this new “spray gun” capable of aerosolizing (is that a word?) a patients own skin cells in a water based solution, allowing it to simply be sprayed over burned skin and thereby significantly reducing recovery time for the burn victim. In stark contrast to a skin graft, this Skin Cell Gun allows considerably speedier healing. While it might be considered graphic,  don’t miss the video after the break.

Evidently, scientists have been able to grow sheets of skin for several decades already, but that process takes weeks or even months to grow and heal but the Skin Gun procedure takes only about an hour and a half for the actual process, and then mere days for healing. Again, while it’s pretty graphic, its well worth checking out the video here.

I’ll bet most of you already know that the leading cause of death for burn victims isn’t really the burn, its the infections that develop while doctors wait for the skin to slowly heal, so this process, has promise to be nothing short of a miracle. Developed by Professor Gerlach and some colleagues at the University of Pittsburg, I sincerely look forward to hearing about more of science’s “Coolest Gadgets” Some really are truly are amazing.

source: escapistmagazine.com

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