From your Phone to the TV… Wirelessly!


I love Smartphones, they really have made many tasks much simpler, I can check prices, find things in stock, heck even submit an order and have it waiting for me. The only problem I have is that I need to have my glasses in order to be able to see anything on the darn thing, and its not just my eyes.. the screen really is a bit small, I could do a lot more with the phone if I could see the stuff on an ordinary sized screen… you know, only when I needed to.

So here’s a neat idea, imagine if you could simply stream your Smartphone content right to your television, allowing you to view or work with items right on the big screen, instead of on your teeny tiny phone. Imagine if that could be pretty much any TV, and that you could conveniently view Internet pages, watch video, play games, or perform other activities related to the mobile phone by viewing them on that television screen, all by means of a simple mobile phone accessory. That would be pretty cool, right?

Well, the technology exists and has already been patented by Mr. Lasse Haltunnen, who now, through an intellectual property brokerage firm, is currently listing his idea for sale.

His game changing “accessory” comprises a Bluetooth receiver and a converter which receives signals transmitted from the mobile phone, and converts these signals (such as image signals) into an output format (e.g., RGB signals) as required for display on a television screen. Evidently, the technology can easily be built into some sort of proprietary docking station or perhaps even some other peripheral making for a very interesting concept.

No word on the price of this amazing intellectual property, but interested parties can contact: Just promise, when you make your super successful Phone-to-TV gadget that we get one to check out, at least a few weeks before anyone else!


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Jason Says: February 27, 2012 at 11:53 am

It’s called Apple TV! lol

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