The Pet’s Water Cooler

Being a responsible pet owner includes making sure that your feline or pooch has more than enough clean water at any one time. There are many other ways to make sure your pet gets adequate amounts of water, such as those screw-on containers that require a used plastic bottle, while others are more expensive in the form of a water fountain. Just in case you happen to live in a place where the mercury soars during the day and the heat gets unbearable, imagine wearing a fur coat that you cannot take off no matter how hot it gets – which is why there is the $49.95 Pet’s Water Cooler from Hammacher.
This particular bowl ensures that your pet gets a constant supply of water that is chilled throughout the entire day, allowing dogs and cats to remain cool and hydrated. It will not rely on ice cubes which will require frequent replenishing or fountains that require electricity or batteries, as the bowl will keep the water cool thanks to a removable insert that is lined with non-toxic gel. It takes just two hours in the freezer and will keep the water chilled well below room temperature for up to eight hours. As for the durable ABS plastic bowl, it can be cleaned easily, and will feature a rubber base that keeps it in place.