Groove Tube tickles your mind

Do you love solving puzzles? If you have answered in the affirmative, and do not mind trying out different kinds of puzzles, then perhaps you might want to consider the £9.99 Groove Tube which comes in orange or yellow shades. What looks like a normal looking cylinder is actually the outer wall to the mind boggling labyrinth within. What you need to do with the Groove Tube is this – to find your way from one side of the Groove Tube to the other. Sounds easy enough? Yeah, assuming you can see what is going on inside, but with the Groove Tube, you cannot see where you are going, so that is where the problem lies.
The Groove Tube is the perfect device to put your sense of direction to the ultimate test, where you will need to push your sense of direction as well as powers of deduction to the test. Through the twin pillars of touch and memory, you will be able to make your way out of what looks like a Lin-possible – nay, impossible maze. There are different routes to take, depending on your skill level. You can always take the yellow route first, before you build up your confidence and head towards the orange tube after that.