The Only Omelet And Waffle Maker


There is nothing quite like a hearty breakfast to start the day off with, and for folks who love eggs (especially in the form of omelets) and waffles, you can kill two birds with one proverbial stone – in the form of the $139.95 The Only Omelet And Waffle Maker. The amount of tools required to whip up your favorite breakfast is reduced, and with more free space in the kitchen, it would definitely look far less cluttered. This electric waffle iron will be able to cook a Belgian waffle and an omelet simultaneously, so that hungry stomachs need not wait too long to gobble down either.

Boasting two separate forms, where one is for the eggs and the other is for waffle batter, they will heat to different temperatures and rotate 180º, resulting in crisp, evenly browned waffles and tender, airy omelets. Your Belgian waffles are more or less cooked the standard way, to 6.5″ in diameter and being an inch thick, sporting 1″ deep pockets that hold syrup, whipped cream, or fruit compote. As for the omelets, they are 1″ in height and can hold veggies, ham, cheese, and whatever else you want to put inside. Choose from one of the six separate browning levels to suit your taste.

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