LEGO Insulated Lunch Bag


LEGO – this unique Danish export is definitely one of the more creative toys that was ever released to the masses, and is highly popular even until today. Who would have thought that carefully constructed blocks could actually be pieced together to end up as a unique masterpiece? Well, LEGO has since spawned off more than just movie franchises with their toys, but have also started to earn money from video games through the LEGO-ization of different titles, ranging from the Harry Potter series to the Star Wars saga. Today, you can bring your lunch in a LEGO minifig’s blown-up head – in the form of the £12.99 LEGO Insulated Lunch Bag.

At least this is a LEGO head and not that of a human, so carrying a severed body member like this around is not all that disgusting, and no one else around you has to lose their appetite for lunch. You can stuff hot sandwiches and burittos inside, and the insulation should do enough to make sure at least you have a warm lunch by the time the clock strikes noon. A mesh pocket and secret compartment inside helps you stash away those flat LEGO pieces as an emergency.

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