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Take a look around you the next time you board the bus or metro during rush hour – how many people are actually using a smartphone or a tablet, regardless of whether they are standing up or sitting down, compared to those who hold an old fashioned book? The answer would be, “Plenty.” That comes across as no surprise either, since there has been massive efforts to get ordinary folk like you and I to make the jump to a smartphone by ditching our once faithful featurephones, not to mention supplement our gadget lifestyle by throwing in a new tablet into the mix as well.

Oregon Scientific knows this, and decided to target the younger generation with the MEEP! tablet. Of course, we do know that kids are not exactly the best custodians of shiny new gadgets, so it makes perfect sense that Oregon Scientific has specially constructed the MEEP! tablet to cater for this particularly boisterous crowd. The MEEP! tablet is also Wi-Fi enabled, where it will be powered by Google’s Android operating system, which means it is decent enough to deliver music, movies, e-books, and apps from leading developers, showing the entire works on a generous 7″ color touchscreen display.

This means that you as a parent, need not worry any more about your kids mucking around with your tablet, rearranging your carefully placed icons all over the place, or even deleting some apps without consulting you first. It comes with a tough design and an enhanced rubber silicon sleeve for added protection. As long as your kid is aged 6 and above, the MEEP! tablet should get the job done. It augments the internal memory with an SD memory card slot, while you can view it from any angle courtesy of the tablet’s internal G-Sensor.

Since kids will be using the MEEP! tablet most of the time, parents can always make sure their charges do not stumble upon anything out of the ordinary or obscene, since all websites and content can be monitored via intuitive parental controls which can be adjusted remotely on any computer or mobile device using an ordinary browser over the Internet.

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lily Says: December 14, 2012 at 2:37 pm

I would love to buy one of the Meep! tablet for my seven year old son for christmas it looks great! The parental controls look great, i havent seen another kids tablet with such great controls, would any body recomend any other tablets?

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