SKLZ Straight Shooter

Are you an avid golfer who is always on the lookout to improve your game? Well, there are many ways of going around it, from hiring a full-time golf coach to picking up all the expensive equipment. There is, however, this old adage – a good workman never blames his tools, and this is where the £14.99 SKLZ Straight Shooter comes in handy. You need not spend thousands, and what you would pay for an above average meal outside might eventually be the tool to raise your game by a notch and helping you achieve lower scores on the green.
If you want to practice your golf swing and yet do not really enjoy it at the driving range, most of the time, you would do far more walking and ball picking than swinging. Not so witht the SKLZ Straight Shooter, as this easy to assemble and light device will let you make any swing without having to worry about purchasing a new bucket of golf balls once the current one runs out. All you need to do is be slightly more patient – the moment the ball stops spinning, it is time to take your next shot.