GEAR4 AirZone Series 1 hits the Apple Store


While we have been making strides in becoming a paperless society, you still cannot live without some sort of paper, somewhere. After all, electronic records are not always that reliable, since they can get hacked, stolen or altered. As for a wireless society, that is another different story altogether. Most decent phones these days all fall under the smartphone category, and alongside the tablet category, Wi-Fi connectivity has been incorporated within. The wireless revolution is well and truly underway, although there is still a long, long way to go before we are truly free from wires.

We now have wireless charging for gadgets (although that is not widespread yet) and electric cars, and here is GEAR4 with their latest AirZone Series 1 that boasts AirPlay technology – all without having you being tethered down to a wire, anywhere and everywhere around your home. This chic, clean and curvaceous speaker will come alongside Apple’s AirPlay technology.

It does not matter what kind of Apple device you use, you can still stream those tunes wirelessly, be it from iTunes from a Mac or PC as well. Not only that, your home will have one less speaker dock, since there is also no need to dock your device. All you need to do is hook up the AirZone to a Wi-Fi network, and allow the airwaves to get their job done. With Airzone, multitasking is made easier, where from the comfort of your palm, you are able to stream music anywhere in your home or office – while you get up and about your tasks with renewed vigor since your favorite tunes are being played in the background.

The AirZone speaker itself will feature its own FM radio, half a dozen audio equalizer settings, a built-in amplifier and a remote control. AirZone’s dock will ensure whatever is docked, be it the iPhone, iPod or iPad, will be juiced up, while those who rock on to other portable media players can always rely on the line-in port. Expect the AirZone Series 1 to retail for $279 a pop.

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