Mini Table Tennis Table


There is something about miniaturizing something that makes it cuter and more fun – otherwise, how else do you explain the number of dog breeds out there that fall under the “Toy” category? Well, sport is not something you miniaturize easily, although futsal, being a variation of football (soccer to the Americans), has certainly done well in select countries. As for the sport of table tennis, how does one downsize it? Ask the experts at Firebox, who has come up with the £24.99 Mini Table Tennis Table. Of course, do not expect this sport to end up as an Olympic event anytime soon, but at least you can get your ping pong kicks in whenever you are on the move, as the Mini Table Tennis Table can be set up just about anywhere.

It will come with two mini table tennis bats, a couple of table tennis balls as well as a pop-up net so you can play right out of the box, there and then. It might be a fraction of the size of a regulation table, but that would mean you need to be more delicate in your return shots and serves. Of course, playing this while you are on a moving bus is not such a good idea, especially when the ball tends to bounce all over the place after a wayward shot or a smash, but it sure is fun to look at!

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