Basic House offers shelter on-the-go


I am not quite sure what to make of the Basic House – yes, it might be able to provide a temporary shelter wherever you go, but it definitely will not do in the long run. After all, the Basic House which was designed by Barcelona-based Martin Azua is actually a lightweight balloon which is compact enough to be carried in your pocket, and should the weather turn foul (or you need some privacy), just step into it and get a good night’s sleep. Too bad there is no washroom facilities inside, so if you need to take a leak or a dump, you will still need to hunt down the nearest public toilet and make do.

Still, it might prove to be a hit among the homeless or street folk, especially since it can be stashed away into your pocket. Good luck trying to fold this back to the original small size once you’ve spent some time inside, but as with all things, you will most probably get better at it in time. The Basic House will self inflate using body heat or from the heat of the sun, so you need not bust your lungs blowing into this puppy. Not only that, the material will reflect your body heat in order to keep you nice, warm and cozy inside. If you want to remain cool during the summer months, then just reverse it.


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