Comfe Hands should be compulsory

There is one great thing about the iPad – it still has one of the best battery life for any tablet in the industry, and for those who tend to take long flights across continents, you know that it is always better to hold the destiny of your in-flight entertainment in your hands instead of being subjected to what is shown on the screen in front of you. Of course, the iPad does much more than just function as a pretty looking portable media player, but for those who use it to get their portable entertainment kicks in, you would have realized by now that holding it up for hours at a stretch are not exactly kind to your hands.
Enter the Comfe Hands, and as the name of the peripheral suggests, your tablet will obtain a shape which fits your hand’s natural contours with a soft, gripping feel. Heck, the website claims that it will make the iPad “feel lighter”, although empirically on the physical plane, that is definitely an impossible situation, but you know how your mind sometimes plays tricks on you, right?

The Comfe Hands will come in a beautiful design which is good enough to compliment the iPad without taking any glamour away from Apple’s design and engineering team. It uses a specially engineered surface which paves the way for a firm, no-slip hold, and the intuitive push-on construction is able to fit on any side, being a snap to use. In addition, Comfe Hands will double up as an incline stand, and can also function in a third role – that of a vertical stand. If you want to stretch your imagination a little bit further, then this puppy will quadruple up as a protective bumper with one on each side.
Since organic shapes are always easier to grasp with our human hand, the Comfe Hands takes the same route, turning the painful pinch grip into a power grip. Similar to human skin, Comfe Hands is soft to the touch, and it certainly makes the iPad more well-endowed. It does not matter if you want to use the Comfe Hands at a desk or in the kitchen, life will still be easier in the end, and your iPad will not lose its style.
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