SKLZ Power Base Tennis


After watching the marathon Australian Open 2012 final between the Djoker and Nadal, you can say that anyone with a passing interest in tennis would also be pumped up to up their game’s ante, so getting some practice in will definitely be required. If you happen to find it hard to cajole a friend into being your playing partner, fret not – there is help in the form of the £34.99 SKLZ Power Base Tennis. After all, playing with a wall is just too predictable, and for situations where you cannot fnid a real partner, this is where the SKLZ Power Base Tennis comes in handy.

Relying on a standard ball that is tethered to a weighted base by a lightweight, stretchy cord, all you need to do is find adequate open space, and serve the ball just as though you would do so to an opponent. The 15-foot cord is able to stretch up to 30 feet, and the distance largely depends on how much “Ooomph!” you put into the shot, before it comes screaming back at you – in theory, at least. This is a constant battle to prevent the ball from losing its bounce, and each shot is critical to help you maintain a rally, keeping you on your toes at all times.

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