Star Wars X-Wing Silicone Ice Tray


Now this is definitely one of the more fun methods of whipping up conversations at a party, and I am quite sure if you are going to hold a wedding that boasts of a Star Wars theme, you might as well let all the drinks there be chilled using the by-products of the Star Wars X-Wing Silicone Ice Tray. Retailing for a mere £9.99 each, it is perfect for you to churn out your miniature X-Wings without having to go through an ice carving class in the process.

Being made out of a soft and flexible silicone mold, it is also perfect to produce other edibles that are not made out of ice – I am talking about making mini jelly shapes as well as homemade chocolates. Not only that, it is also oven and microwave safe, allowing you to bake Rebel Alliance brownies without batting an eyelid. Definitely the thing to own (having more than one is always merrier, of course) if you want to make sure your dedication to the Rebel Alliance is near complete.

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