VooMote Zapper is now available

Have you been looking forward to the VooMote Zapper? Well, I want to play harbinger of good news – the VooMote Zapper is now available on Apple.com, and if you are patient enough, preferring the brick and mortar store setup, it too, will arrive soon in Apple Stores around the country. This elegant dongle will transform your iDevice into a universal remote, Zero1.tv’s latest invention will be battery-free.
Touted to be a versatile mobile solution which is capable of transforming your iOS device into an impressively smart universal remote which is capable of controlling just about all of your A/V gear, this light-weight dongle might be too small for some folks’ liking – considering it is roughly the size of a paperclip, and will play nice with all mobile iOS 5 devices, delivering maximum flexibility and ease of use when connected to your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

The VooMote Zapper is different from base station solutions, as it delivers convenient “room to room” functionality which enables users to access entertainment whenever and wherever they want, using whatever kind of iOS 5-powered devices that one owns. Not only that, the VooMote Zapper is a snap to set up and use, just like how Steve Jobs would want it. After all, don’t you think that it would be rather ironic if the VooMote Zapper was a pain to set up and use, considering how the iPhone, iPod and iPad were designed to be intuitive? Good thing the VooMote Zapper is in line with Apple’s vision, and the moment the VooMote Zapper dongle is connected, the free app will download automatically, prompting you with a set up screen, giving you immediate control over hundreds of thousands of electronic devices.
Alex Gruber, CEO, Zero.tv, says, “The VooMote Zapper was made to bridge the convenience of the old trusty universal remote controls with new App-enabled technology of the future. We wanted to make a solution that people would really pick up and use every day not because it was “gadgety” but because it was, in fact, a better solution for their lifestyles. Features, such as gestures and take a tour were implemented because we know users don’t want to take their eyes off their TV for a second or read long manuals.”
You can choose from either black or white shades for the Apple certified VooMote Zapper, and regardless of the color, it will retail for $69.99.
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