The Octopus Chair


“Release the Kraken!” Now that is definitely coming out from my mouth, should my bank balance and accountant agree to be enlightened by as much as £35,000 for The Octopus Chair. Yes sir, you read that right – this uniquely shaped piece of home furniture is perfect to set the proper tone at your next dinner party, as you hold a Pirates of the Caribbean theme, while you comfortably park your rear end on this giant octopus. Exquisitely detailed to the extent that you might even think it moved a wee bit (this tends to happen when you get a little tipsy from all the merry making that is going on), this opulent dining chair is ideal to project your already eccentric personality upon the rest of the party goers.

Spanish artist Maximo Riera is the brains (and hands) behind The Octopus Chair, and I do admit, it is definitely going to be extremely challenging to blend in this chair with the rest of the furniture that you have at home. Then again, if you can afford something this expensive, surely you are able to go ahead with an interior makeover to obtain an underwater look and feel. More than 30 professionals, overseen by Riera himself, were employed to make this chair that boasts of rich leather upholstery.

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