Portion – Cooking Spoon w/ Measuring Grooves


Pottering about in the kitchen might be your favorite pasttime, and just in case you are lacking in a measuring spoon as you have always relied on your intuition, here is the $7.99 Portion – Cooking Spoon w/ Measuring Grooves. Not only does this spoon measure both wet and dry ingredients, it is also full well capable of multi-tasking ability, as you can use it to stir the contents of your dish after that! The handle measures up to 1/4 cup, while the spoon takes over the more sensitive measurements of half teaspoon, teaspoon, tablespoon and 2 tablespoons.

After all, getting the right mix of ingredients is the key to a perfect dish – too little or too much of something will just spoil the taste, while you lose some stars among the family where being in the kitchen is concerned. The locking silicone spout used for its handle seals in order to prevent spills, and opens wide for easier pouring. Since it is made out of food safe plastic and silicone, you need not be unduly worried of introducing unwanted and poisonous chemicals into your dishes and food.

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