OtterBox releases special edition LIVESTRONG product

When it comes to the ultimate form of protection for your range of gadgets and gizmos, the name Otterbox definitely needs to be considered. After all, it has a proven record in the past, and this time around, OtterBox has yet another goodie lined up for the masses – the special edition Commuter Series case for the Apple iPhone 4/4S which will support LIVESTRONG proudly, where it can be purchased exclusively at RadioShack and
Needless to say, since it is connected to the LIVESTRONG name, you can be sure that each purchase of an OtterBox Commuter Series LIVESTRONG case will see a portion of the profit being channeled to the Lance Armstrong Foundation, which was set up in 1997 by the cancer survivor and champion cyclist Lance Armstrong in order to assist those affected by cancer, and to help them take positive action against the one of the world’s leading cause of death.

Just what kind of protection can you expect from the OtterBox Commuter Series LIVESTRONG case? For starters, this particular case will boast a double-layer design, where it merges an inner silicone skin alongside an outer polycarbonate shell that will deliver a sturdy case configuration with substantial protection, making it ideal for those leading active lifestyles. You will not find yourself short on style either, as the Commuter Series will have plugs that cover all ports in order to protect from dust and dirt, while a self-adhesive screen protector will make sure that minor scratches and scuffs will not be a cause of disfigurement to your favorite phone.
In addition, the case comes in a pocket-friendly form factor, and was specially built for a highly-connected lifestyle. Definitely something to look into if you feel that your iPhone goes through far more than the average iPhone on the street in terms of wear and tear, so why not give it a decent form of protection?
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