Inkless Graphite Quill


I still remember those old pictures that were drawn using ink (because there was no such thing as a camera yet), featuring monks of yore writing tome after tome using ink-based quills. Well, we have seen updates to old technology such as a cassette-to-MP3 converter, so here is another future update that features a writing implement instead – the $17.99 Inkless Graphite Quill. This is a unique graphite sculpture that allows you to “pen” down your thoughts without smudging the page or your fingers, which is a vast improvement over the original.

It is said to be able to last up 9 years with daily use – and I suppose in this day and age where the only thing we pen down would be our John Hancocks on a credit card bill, owning one of these should virtually last far longer than 9 years – double that number, even. Coming in a handsome gift box, this might make for a decent gift for one who is just about to enter the world of school. Definitely a writing instrument that will be different from all the other pens and pencils that the rest of the students carry, don’t you think so?

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