Optrix HD for the iPhone/iPod Touch

by Mark R

Time for another tech trend that I have noticed the last time I reported on the Miveu.

The trend is turning the iPhone into an action camera, like the GoPro or other similar models. This one by Optrix is designed to be a durable frame for the iPhone/iPod Touch into a camera, and clip to a bike so you have access to the iPhone itself.

Because of the Optrix, you will be able to shoot with the iPhone 4S’s full 1080p HD. Thanks to the new optics that can allow more light and video stabilization, your videos will be less shaky than most “extreme” videos. By the way, the case is water resistant so you can take some water, snow, or wherever you are filming.

The Optrix HD has a protective touchscreen membrane, which is only 0.5 mm thick and allows you to take control of your applications. The big bonus is that you can actually see what you are filming, unlike other cameras where you see an indicator light and edit out the bad footage later.

The Optrix is a POV camera that allows the user to do playback, edit, and share videos directly from the site. The company claims that they are the only one that can do that, and they also claim that their new application can make the Optrix HD “the most powerful POV device on the market”.

You should be able to purchase the Optrix from its official site for about $89.99. I think that is a good price for iPhone protection of this type.

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