FLEX for iPad 2 adds even more convenience

The iPad 2 is Apple’s most successful tablet to date (granted, it has only one predecessor, which is the original iPad), and it does look as though the trend of Apple’s tablet dominating the world market where tablets are concerned will continue uninterrupted for years to come, although competitors such as Samsung have inched closer and closer with their Android-powered offerings, not to mention LG having announced their LG Optimus Pad LTE recently. Well, this means there is a huge third party accessory market for the iPad 2, but just which out of the many you see are actually useful and practical?
Of course, there is also the matter of more than 140,00 apps being available for the iPad 2, greatly expanding the usage of the tablet in different ways and environments. UZBL might have an idea for the future – by developing a kit which enables you to accessorize the iPad 2, making it suitable for use in any setting. Known as the “FLEX for iPad 2″, this particular FLEX kit will comprise a snap-on handstrap that lets you hold on to your iPad 2 comfortably, a shoulder strap to tote it around, and a snap-on rotating pivot with a 0.25” tripod thread which can be screwed onto any camera mount or accessory.

The FLEX will play nice with a wide range of accessories, enabling the iPad 2 user to stick, clamp, wrap, hang, or prop the iPad 2 almost just about any place you can imagine. Not only that, it is accompanied by a nicely styled silicone skin which will add the finishing touch and offers protection for the tablet should it be dropped. First of all, the FLEX kit has integrated ribs cells that absorbs shocks in the event of a knock or fall, with the protective skin featuring “Air Cells” to deliver a cushioned landing from drops of up to 6 feet in height. A velcro hand strap also ensures even wet palms will not let the iPad 2 slip by accident.
The FLEX frame and pivot are made from a hard polycarbonate plastic, and right now, you can place a pre-order at Kickstarter, and benefit from a big discount to the proposed retail price of $59. Right now, the FLEX frame has $1,760 in its kitty, which is still well off the $12,000 goal – good thing there are still 30 days to go.
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