Stock Car Racing Simulator

You must have pretty deep pockets if you want to shower your kid with the Stock Car Racing Simulator – especially since it costs a whopping $60,000, but at least you know for sure that it will not be able to turn turtle in real life no matter how bad it goes on the simulator. Touted to offer the most realistic stock car racing experience available, the Stock Car Racing Simulator relies on the same kind of moving platform mechanics that are employed in museum simulators, thanks to the electric actuators that were built into the base so that the simulator can roll and pitch.
This faithful reproduction of actual racing conditions include entering a turn or moving up a bank. Heck, to up the realism ante, it will even raise and lower during tire changes, while the cockpit sports a fluid-dampened steering wheel that offers the similar feel as driving a real stock car. There is one thing it does not replicate though – the super hot conditions inside, as you can always play this in the comfort of your air conditioned garage. Located behind the wheel are a couple of paddle gear shifters which can be found in the real deal, while the aluminum accelerator, brake, and clutch pedals will adjust for resistance.
A 5.1 sound system envelops racers in realistic audio as they are placed in a padded racing seat. Realistic graphics are displayed on a 22″ wide-screen LCD monitor, delivering 1680 x 1050 resolution, while a decaled, fiberglass shell and netted windows covers its steel frame roll cage for that added touch of realism. Can you say outrageous?