ePawn Arena set to be a game-changer

by Mark R

I’m sure that by now you are probably sick of hearing the term “game changer”, and I apologize for using this buzzword in the title. However, I guarantee you will like what this post is about.

While wandering the booths at CES last week, I discovered the ePawn Arena. It uses ePawn tracking technology for a large 26 inch IPS screen, which enables you to place game pieces for a very interesting gaming experience.

The demonstration showed an iPhone plugged into this thing, and the user could play a game using physical markers like chess pieces. The touchscreen seemed to know where these pieces were, and it creates a rather interesting environment for gaming.

The ePawn Arena is designed to link to smartphone, tablet, or PC and can be used for role-playing games and board games. This isn’t the first time that I have seen board games mixed with touchscreen interactive devices. After all, there was the Game Changer and Wowee’s AppGear, both of which had prominent appearances at CES.

The ePawn Arena is expected to be available in the “second half of the year”. I do’t seem to have a price, but the flyer I have on the product promises “patented technology provides state of the art performances at an affordable price”. Hopefully the average household can afford something such as this.


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