PrimeSense geared to make everything on your TV motion-controlled

by Mark R

While I was meandering from booth to booth at CES, I saw one display for PrimeSense, and I thought that someone was just playing Fruit Ninja for the Kinect.

Instead, I discovered PrimeSense, a way of taking control of the television with motion control, not just the video game aspect. It would appear that PrimeSense is ready to take the Kinect to the next step, and their 3D sensor, shown here in this picture, is prepared for a new future.

PrimeSense enabled me to take control of my video content. From a motion-controlled menu, I was able to select different videos by making a grabbing motion and pulling it to me. Their channel surfing menu was set up so I could see all my channels simultaneously, and I could select one with the grabbing method.

In addition to these cool features, PrimeSense is definitely trying to get developers on board with their Natural Interaction (NI) software. Since it is open source, this will surely lead to a lot of users creating all kinds of apps for PrimeSense software. Something tells me that voice control is going to get involved as well.

So I guess that we are all looking forward to a future of motion-controlled televisions. This is assuming that we will even want video content in our living room. You can learn more about PrimeSense here.

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Has Says: January 15, 2012 at 2:01 pm

link is down and also… what tv’s are these compatible with?

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