Mimoco graces CES 2012 with Mimomicro


Just how far can a USB flash drive go in terms of marketability? I suppose if you happen to be a generic manufacturer who slaps on company logos for different customers, then there is always a steady stream of business, but you will not really stand out from the rest of the crowd. Why not take the same route that Mimoco does, by working with other intellectual properties worldwide to create officially licensed products? Case in point, Mimoco’s latest attempt at milking George Lucas’ seemingly perpetually full cow dry involves the Mimomicro.

This is a new versatile miniature storage device that will feature either a sculpted vehicle or character from the Star Wars universe, and not only that, Mimoco has also teamed up with DC Comics as well to tap into their veritable wealth of characters.

To put it in a nutshell, the Mimomicro is but a smaller and more versatile evolution of the Mimobot collection. You can not only use the Mimomicro as a USB flash drive to tote your precious data around, it can also double up as a microSD memory card reader in order to ferry data between smartphones, tablets, e-book readers, digital cameras, MP3 players and portable media players to another computer.

Each Mimomicro comprises of a 3D sculpted character, as well as being the first in a series of vehicles. Thanks to its cap-free design, you need not worry too much about losing the caps to these little critters, as a flip-out USB plug will work in your favor instead. To further make sure these already small peripherals have a higher chance of survival outside of the cubicle environment, it comes with a built-in keychain and LED indicator light, allowing you to strap this to your bunch of keys so that it will always remain nice and close to you. Each Mimomicro measures 1.6″ x 1″, and will launch to the masses this March.

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