Star Trek Electronic Door Chime

Calling all Trekkies – it is time you introduced a change to your home, letting all and sundry know just which is your favorite sci-fi series of all time. Forget about the door knocker – that is too old school, while a regular doorbell is just too mainstream. Enter the $29.99 Star Trek Electronic Door Chime instead. This motion-sensitive door chime will target fans of the Star Trek series and then some, where it can be mounted on either side of a door. Whenever someone triggers it, you will be alerted – regardless of whether that is a Klingon, Vulcan, or other forms of life right at your doorstep.
First appearing as a wall communicator panel in The Original Series, you can choose to have the door opening sound effect kick in, or for those with a funny bone, have the Red Alert alarm sound. Either way, you will be alerted of a (non-)hostile presence right at the front of your home, so you will be able to know whether to take evasive action or to welcome him/her/it in for a diplomatic discussion. Being an officially licensed Star Trek collectible, the Star Trek Electronic Door Chime is powered by half a dozen AA batteries.

5 thoughts on “Star Trek Electronic Door Chime”

  1. I just received my Star Trek door chime. I cannot determine how to open the battery door so I can use it. Everything is flush and super tight as if the manufacturer wants to keep you out. Sliding the door as well as trying to pry it open does not work. In addition there were no instructions. Very poor design.

  2. to david: you got to be kidding? you can’t see the phillips head screw on back with the warning ‘do not mix batteries’?
    (but, yes, no instructions . I had to do a Vulcan mind meld)

  3. My colleagues gave me this and I love it, but can somebody tell me how to use it? Apparently the batteries work because the red light blinks when I move the front switch and the intercom noise works when I push the button, but the motion detector doesn’t seem to work.

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