The Neat Company goes to the cloud at CES

Most of you know that I am always looking for some sort of “neat factor” when it comes to the gadgets that I report about.
The Neat Company is something that I just had to write about. As soon as I saw how their NeatDesk can create digital copies of business cards, receipts, and 8 x 11 papers, I had to be a part of that vision. I mean, they have “neat” in their name, for crying out loud!
As you might have guessed, The Neat Company wants to make your desk clearer by removing the paper clutter and turning it into digital records. The Neat Company’s software uses optical character recognition to understand words from your paper files. It will then create a database for your contacts, and even an expense report for your receipts. Nice!
The Neat Company has also added NeatCloud and NeatMobile. NeatCloud provides users with their own customized cloud-based backup and automatically syncs with Neat’s software for “unfettered access to their information”. NeatMobile allows users to use their smartphones for capturing and storing information to their Neat digital filing systems.
If you have some New Year’s resolution to be more organized, then I would highly suggest going with the Neat Company. You should be able to find their products at the Neat website here and other major retail outlets.