i’m Watch smart time piece looks decent enough


How many of us wear a smart watch to go alongside a smartphone? Granted, the smart watch market is not exactly a growing and vibrant one, but that does not mean nothing cool is made available from time to time. Check out the i’m Watch timepiece from Italy that has the aesthetics to go along with the hardware. While being nearly the same size as that of the iPod nano, it comes with a curved glass display and even better is the fact that depending on how deep your pockets are, you are able to get it in just about any material you like, ranging from aluminum to gold to carbon. Of course, I do not think enriched uranium is part of the equation here.

Android 1.6 (how primitive, but it is all that is required) will be the operating system of choice, where the i’m Watch will feature music-playback capability, Twitter and Facebook clients, weather reports, access to an app store and Bluetooth connectivity for use with your smartphone. The touchscreen works as it is supposed to be, but otherwise, nothing else helps it stand out from the crowd. I guess you can say that luxury is the main selling point of the i’m Watch, with basic models starting from $299 upwards, depending on your material of choice.


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