Monster Press Conference at CES 2012

by Mark R

I’m still reeling over the Acer Press Conference yesterday, and this morning, I decided to see what Monster was up to. Noel Lee, the “Head Monster” took the stage in his Segway and was quite good at inspiring the crowd. From there, it was guest speaker after guest speaker, announcing their 2012 product line.

For example, the Monster Micro, a small Bluetooth speaker that is very customizable. Not only can the user switch out the grills and bases, but he or she can actually change the voice of the speaker. You know how most Bluetooth products have a very sterile human voice? The Micro has many accents and attitudes.

Customizable seemed to be quite a theme as one of their newest headphones, the Inspiration, comes with a customizable headband that sticks on through the power of magnets. Monster had many models trying out headbands that were quite outrageous with feathers and all manner of colors and styles.

They also introduced other headphones like the Gratitude, inspired the band Earth, Wind, and Fire. Founding member Verdine White was on deck for that one.

Other headphones were developed in partnership with Nick Cannon. The NCredible line inclues the Nergy ($69), an In-Ear headphone that magnetically attaches in the back like a necklace, as well as the NTune ($129), some over-the-ear headphones. More headphones included the Diamond Tears (pictured right) and the Vektr, designed by fashion giant Diesel.

Look for all of these Monster models and more this year, and if you want more information, click here.

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