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With so many tablets being released these days, what is your primary mode of interaction with the tablet? I would be so bold as to venture that the most of us use our fingers since that is the most intuitive and convenient. On a side note, I did hear from a friend of mine that if you happen to be walking in the favelas of Brazil, it would be best not to point at anything or anywhere, as it might just get you killed. Can anyone verify that? I digress, and for the more sophisticated among you, here is a stylus that you might want to get to use alongside your tablet – the E FUN APEN A5 stylus. It is said to be the key to unlocking your creative potential as you design, create, draw, write, sketch, and edit on the iPad without missing a beat.

Being extremely natural to use, you are able to write or draw right from the get go without having to go through a steep learning curve or alter your writing habits. Student, educators, business professionals or creative artists should be able to find a use for the $99 E FUN APEN A5 stylus. There is a built-in battery that is said to be able to last up to 90 hours, so you won’t find yourself juicing this up too often.

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Morgan Says: January 9, 2012 at 8:13 am

another brilliant Edwin review(?). Jeez man, do you even bother visiting the websites for the products you blather on about?

This isn’t a touchscreen stylus and their website says nothing about it being compatible with a capacitive touch screen, Apple’s or any other. It’s a digitizing pen that remembers its own scribbles ON PAPER. These scribbles can then be downloaded to various devices with their application. The $79 and $99 versions have NO MOBILE COMPATIBILITY. Those versions cost $129. Battery life is 8 hours, not 90.
For those like me, who’ve been looking for an actual touchscreen stylus to ease in making selections on multiple-choice exams etc: they can be found for under $10 delivered.

Tony Says: January 10, 2012 at 12:10 pm

This is a new product not yet released and will be in addition to their current offerings that are currently on their web site.
If YOU look around there are some excellent YouTube videos of this in action.

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