Genius Ring Presenter for your PowerPoint Presentations

by Mark R

Some of you may have used those Air Mice in order to do a PowerPoint presentation, and this is another way to control your slides in a less discreet way.

The Genius Ring Presenter allows the user access to Play/Exit and Last/Next Page on the PowerPoint Presentation. This allows for controlling the cursor movement, and for dragging as well as 4-way scrolling. The Ring Presenter also controls the same buttons that your mouse has, including the left, middle, and right buttons.

To make the Genius Ring Presenter even better, it has a laser pointer on it. Yes, with a little bit of smoke, you can make yourself look like a Green Lantern. This is assuming the laser pointer light is green.

Of course, you might look a little bit ridiculous with this big thing on your finger, and the people watching your presentation might be distracted by the flat Ring-pop on your hand. I think I would have to see it on my finger to see what it would look like.

The Genius Ring Presenter uses Bluetooth technology with a USB dongle to connect to the PC. Hopefully, it will make you look like a genius, and the price is about $60.


One review or comment

Jim Says: January 7, 2012 at 4:30 am

When you say “uses Bluetooth with a USB dongle” do you mean it’s Bluetooth and comes with a dongle in case your PC doesn’t support Bluetooth?

If so, that’s really sporting – even a cheep BT dongles about $10.

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