Big Lebowski Talking Jesus Action Figure

The Big Lebowski is one of those cult films that seem to last through the ages, boasting a staying power which one could never have predicted right from the get go. If you happen to love the film to bits, and have memorized all of the quotable quotes, then here is something for your collection which would certainly bring a smile to your face. The £34.99 Big Lebowski Talking Jesus Action Figure does just as how it is described – where it will depict John Turturro’s scene-stealing, scenery-chewing turn as the Dude’s snake-hipped bowling rival, Jesus Quintana. Also know as “The Jesus”, the few lines that he mutters out are now immortalized for good.
The speaker is located on the base, and “The Jesus” stands at 8” tall, being exquisitely detailed figure which will share seven of his well-known catchphrases. Of course, kids ought to have their ears shielded whenever the Big Lebowski Talking Jesus Action Figure starts talking, since most of his lines are filled to the brim with expletives, where there is no point listing them down since it would be filled with nothing but asterisks after all.