Take a walk inside the Big Bang

by Mark R

Thanks to modern movies, most of us have seen way too many explosions. Of course, very few films have attempted to show us what it looks like to be inside of an explosion.

A Chinese sculptor named Zhan Wang is trying to show the inside of an explosion with this sculpture that you see here, entitled My Personal Universe. In looks like Wang is trying to show us what it might be like to be in the biggest explosion of all, the Big Bang.

In order to inspire his creation, Wang actually blew up an actual boulder and filmed it with six high-definition video cameras in different locations at about 2,000 frames per second. From there, he was able to hang about 5,000 realistic steel boulders to create this awesome effect.

Not only did Wang scientifically hang these thousands of boulders for a realistic effect, but the exhibit has giant video screens of the explosion that he filmed.

Zhan Wang’s My Personal Universe is going to be on display at Beijing Ullens Center for Contemporary Art until February 26, 2012. I can’t imagine what will happen to all the rocks afterward, and I am certain that just walking through this exhibit will be quite an experience.


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