Samsung DV300F DualView digital camera

Samsung has certainly carved quite a comfortable, secure niche for itself in the world of consumer electronics, delivering quality products at prices that you would not shy away from even in times of economic crisis. Their reach is certainly far and wide, and one of the company’s more innovative releases recently would be the Samsung DV300F, where it is part of the DualView family that further innovates this hugely popular category.
Touted to carry the latest in Dual LCD technology, while sporting Wi-Fi connectivity, it will allow you to shoot and share your favorite memories in a jiffy. The Samsung DV300F will continue from where its predecessors left off, using a 1.5” front facing LCD screen which makes sure you know what you are shooting even in an extremely challenging situation. Not only that, you can keep a bored child happy with the Child Mode that will display an animation, so that the little ones remain focused for you to capture that picture, or should I say, pixel perfect shot.

Not only that, the DV300F is also the first DualView model that will come with Wi-Fi connectivity. The camera’s integrated Wi-Fi connectivity will allow you to email your images or even to upload them to your favorite social network sites, such as Facebook, Picasa, Flickr and YouTube. All images saved will be stored on a microSD memory card, where you can then transfer it over to a desktop machine without the need for any pesky cables, thanks to the Auto PC Backup function. With the introduction of Cloud services, including Samsung’s AllShare Play and Microsoft SkyDrive, users can store and share their precious pictures from virtually anywhere as long as there is a decent Internet connection.
The Samsung DV300F is also quite the looker, sporting sophisticated design and premium build quality, as it comes in a range of shimmering metallic colors to choose from such as mock black, silver, navy and red. With 16-megapixels of image quality, a 5x optical zoom and 25mm wide-angle lens, this is one casual camera for the newbie or for folks who simply just want a fancy digital camera, without having to go through the lengths of shooting manually or selecting various shooting options. Auto ought to get the job done most of the time.
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