Giant Spider Web created from packing tape and plastic tubes

In case you were worried that Shelob, the giant terrifying spider from The Lord of the Rings, was in this art installation, allow me to relieve your arachnophobia.
What you are seeing here is an artificially made web that is not made for the next Spider-man movie (coming this summer). I’m not certain what the webs from the Spider-man films are made of, but this web is made from long, hollow tubes and packing tape.
The purpose of this faux spider web is to create a gigantic bounce house or jungle gym for adults. There is a video after the jump if you want to see how it gets created, and the web uses 117,000 feet of tape that weighs in at 100 pounds.
Yes, I would be happy to play on this fun web, and I am an adult. I have always wondered how it feels to lounge around on a giant web like Peter Parker. There must be a group of adults that would love to play on this together. I wonder if someone would think this is weird.
I’m not certain if there is any market for giant spider webs, unless someone is making a Spider-man theme park. Maybe I should try and build one of these at home, but I hope I don’t screw up the design and fall through this web.


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