Enso Pearl clock helps you start off the new year right


“Don’t be a clock watcher,” said the boss in my first job. Needless to say, the pretense of my presence in the office means more to him than my productivity, so I left shortly after that to a far more rewarding and fulfilling vocation. I am quite sure if he had the £79.99 Enso Pearl in the office all those years ago, things might have been a little different, and I might have stayed – just for a little while longer, actually. Enso, meaning ‘circle’ in Japanese, is so slim and is a beauty to look at, and it counts down slowly by forming a complete circle around the LCD face.

Perfect for those moments when your mind does not want to look at numbers as those could very well be too distracting, including moments when you are meditating, holding a yoga pose, or making sure you are burning those calories with a few spinning exercises on an exercise bike. The Enso Pearl delivers a precise and clear idea of how much time has passed, including the remaining time without having to work those brains of yours. You can set up to 50 sequential times, and if you opt to exercise with your eyes closed, fret not – the Enso will deliver audio cues to help you out, relying on the gentle chimes of Tibetan or Japanese singing bowls.

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