What Santa Did Not Deliver

Do you ever wonder what the wish lists of the super-rich entail during the holidays? When have bank accounts like Bill Gates or Larry Ellison the world is pretty much yours, I’m sure.  Wired decided to look back on some of the year’s most stupefying products in “Overhyped, Overpriced: 2012′s Insanely Expensive Gear.” I’m guessing these are the things that Bill and Larry probably have on their lists.

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ViSi Mobile monitor

When it comes to technology in the medical world, the realm of science fiction offers far more options and advancements than in real life for obvious reasons. Well, perhaps truth is about to catch up with fiction (with some miles left to go, of course) with the introduction of the ViSi Mobile monitor that will display the vital signs of a patient. The ViSi Mobile monitor is the brainchild of the good people over at Sotera Wireless of San Diego, California, where this wearable sensor pack will rely on tried-and-tested Wi-Fi technology, where it will enable doctors who get around with a tablet or smartphone in tow to be able to remotely monitor patient vital signs without sacrificing on accuracy, so much so it is said to offer the accuracy of an intensive care unit.

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Hyundai Connectivity Concept turns smartphones into car keys

Now here is a novel idea – since “there is an app for everything”, why not expand that horizon with the Hyundai Connectivity Concept? Imagine your smartphone doubling up as your vehicle’s key, now what would make one less thing to remember to bring with you wherever you go, don’t you think so? After all, vehicle manufacturers have been moving in a direction where content from your smartphone is being sent to your vehicle, and with a smartphone, you are able to access navigation, music, text messaging and other phone functions from the driver and/or passenger seat. With the Hyundai Connectivity Concept, the South Korean vehicle manufacturer intends to bring things up by another level, allowing you to transfer all of the phone’s content to the car’s touchscreen display wirelessly and throwing in other wireless functions to boot.

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Roboy could be a robot for the future

Do you think that our future will have robots that help mankind, such as those found in the science fiction movie I, Robot? How about droids that move around in the now Disney-owned Star Wars, those would definitely come in handy in solving the communications problem between different language groups, wouldn’t it? Sad to say, current technology is still far from achieving such high standards in robotics, but perhaps something like the Roboy is a good start.

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