Feed Plants with Re-Feed

City living provides plenty of challenges. Growing plants and flowers poses one of those challenges. Finding adequate sun can be a task and plant food or good soil isn’t the easiest to come by. There is certainly not a hardware store on every street corner. A clever Product Design student, Fanny Nilsson, invented a concept product out of the very dilemma of plant life in city life.

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Malaria detection for idiots

It is rather hard to believe that after all these years, there does not seem to be any vaccine for the scourge that we call malaria. Sure, trailblazers to Africa and other remote places did come across this strange disease, where they did not realize that it is mosquitoes that actually carried the malaria disease, and until quinine was discovered as the cure, countless people had already fallen victim to it. Well, early detection plays an important role so that the proper medical care can be administered, and while we might see ourselves to live in a developed country where you do not hear of anyone falling sick because of malaria, there are still millions out there living along the fringes of urbanisation as well as in deep, remote areas of the jungle that who could die because malaria was not detected earlier. Researchers at St George’s, University of London announced that they are working on a spanking new project known as Nanomal, where Nanomal will function as a portable device which is capable of detecting the malarial parasite while identifying its species in record time – we are talking about just 15 minutes.

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The Spy Watch – GPS Tracker and Mobile Device for Kids

It’s amazing how quickly our kids grow up, that being said I have to admit I still see my daughter as a little girl and I’m not really enjoying having to let her venture off to do things on her own. This year she wants to go trick-or-treating with her friends. What? No mom to take pictures, “test” the candy and watch for traffic? Is she nuts?

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American Greetings says hello to the Ultimate Mustache Party

Do you think that with the advent of the Internet, greeting cards have become obsolete? I know that the telegram has gone the way of the dodo in most, if not all countries as a mode of communication, and the snail mail (postal service) sector is not doing too hot either. This could be because of the speed and accuracy of emails, but when it comes to greeting cards, I am not quite sure whether the electronic revolution has seen electronic greeting cards make huge strides and inroads to render its paper-based predecessor obsolete. American Greetings has come up with a one-of-a-kind greeting card collection, and they will accompany that with a free app for big birthday smiles.

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Rechargeable Speakers with a Twist

If memory serves I was gifted my first pair of portable speakers. And boy have I used the heck out of them. I never thought of all the uses prior to the kind gift: tunes at the desk or in the kitchen, watching movies on the tablet or movie. And boy, were they a life saver on the road. No road warrior should be without a set. But toting batteries with you is inconvenient. iHome, makers of various a/v products, added a couple twists to the portable speaker concept that is worth a look.

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Bacon Bubbles – a Doggie Delight

Dogs are easily amused. But face it, they do require constant attention. They always want to be in the action, but frankly it can get exhausting. So why not combine two canine loves and help keep your pooch entertained?
If you have not had the pleasure of seeing dogs playing with bubbles, do yourself a favor and YouTube it. Dogs go bonkers for bubbles. They chase them, pop them, pounce on them and even just watch them. Another dog love is bacon. No doubt about it. Fido will wait at your feet all day if he knows bacon is being cooked.

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