HeartMath emWave2 Portable Training Device – Transform Yourself

Its obvious that things are becoming more chaotic these days. People are working harder, sleeping less, and pushing themselves to the limit. Ask your average guy on the street if they feel stressed out, and the answer is almost always a resounding yes. Stress certainly takes its toll on a body, almost all studies confirm that continuous stress is simply not good for us, and for some people the damage is irreparable, we have to find a way to manage our minds where we really can handle it all.
Check out the HeartMath emWave2 Portable Training Device by using information collected via pulse sensors and translating that data into simple line graphs on your computer, the Portable Training Device can teach you the steps you need to relax, and put yourself in the proper state of mind, completely assisting you in achieving the right balance for improved communications, sleep, health, or generalized clarity.

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Razer BlackWidow returns to dominate the gaming keyboard scene

It is rather disappointing to see just how Michael Phelps is a shadow of his former self in Beijing 2008 at this year’s Olympics, and everyone loves a happy ending, so I hope that the most decorated Olympian will have his chance to increase his medal haul before the summer Olympics is over. As for the world of gaming hardware, you can say that Razer has come up with peripherals that have dominated the scene for quite some years, and the Razer BlackWidow can be an example worth citing. This time around, the Razer BlackWidow is said to be locked and loaded for more mechanical domination in the gaming keyboard market.
The latest evolution of the Razer BlackWidow family will include a couple of improved models, as well as one totally new edition which will certainly tempt gamers to see whether their coffers have the relevant amount of dough to bring one of these puppies home. Touted to be the “World’s Best Mechanical Keyboard Series”, Razer claims that it has just got better – which is something that we will look at in closer detail after the jump.

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Pantech Renue arrives on AT&T

I suppose when it comes to smartphones, there are two classes of users – one who loves the full touchscreen display and the kind of freedom that it comes with, while another class would want something more proper – that is, a full physical QWERTY keyboard so that you can have that comforting tactile feedback that your fingers are so used to after all these years of using an old school phone. Well, we are glad to say that the Pantech Renue from AT&T delivers something from both worlds, although I would not be bold enough to venture that it is the best of both worlds considering the relatively small 3.2″ capacitive touchscreen display.
Well, one thing is for sure – if you happen to have a soft spot for the environment, then you certainly will not be able to go wrong with the Pantech Renue from AT&T. After all, it was constructed with 67% of its components being recyclable, and despite its green accreditation, that does not mean it is some sort of pansy device. No sir, it was constructed to withstand everyday wear and tear.

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iConvert Scanner – Digitizes Docs for iPad

Let’s face it, the iPad is an awesome little gadget, but it certainly does have its limitations. For all the things it can do, it seems like there’s a whole lot of potential left on the table. Some of that untapped potential is getting realized by third parties who are developing interesting apps and add-ons that make the iPad even more useful. So in investigating some of the available “gadgets for our gadgets”, I found something that might be pretty useful to some of us.
Welcome the iConvert scanner, an interesting tool for the iPad user that allows you to simply dock your iPad, press a button and feed your pictures, legal documents, receipts or recipes straight into the device and have them converted and saved directly on your iPad, perfect for saving, emailing, posting or printing. The device is small, easily portable and quite handy for a multitude of folks that have a need for this kind of organization.

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Razer Ouroboros piles on the gaming pressure

Gamers, take note! There is a new piece of hardware in town, and if you feel that you have not been lethal enough towards your opponents thus far and would like to do something about the situation, then you will not go too wrong with the Razer Ouroboros. On paper, the Razer Ouroboros does seem to carry just about anything and everything which you need to achieve utter gaming domination regardless of the genre, so here we are with the Razer Ouroboros in all of its glory, where you can read further about its specifications and performance capabilities right after the jump.

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