Pebble Pro Netbook Charger


I know that the introduction of tablets has seen the netbook market somewhat cannibalized, and suddenly, these lightweight devices are not all that desirable after all. You cannot really fire them up in a jiffy to access your email or play some casual games, but at least it gets the job done when you have a lengthy document to type, and using a virtual keyboard just does not quite make the cut. This is where the netbook still maintains its relevance, and if you recently unwrapped a netbook under the Christmas tree, you might want to consider picking up the £69.99 Pebble Pro Netbook Charger – just in case you actually are about to run out of juice while you are working on that particular document.

This is certainly an essential tool to carry around, since there is far less cables to worry about considering it comes with just one connecting cable (USB on one end, with multiple connectors for you to slip on on the other). The 13,200mAh battery is said to offer a standard netbook up to 5 hours of additional battery life, while an iPhone can be juiced more than ten times! Definitely the perfect purchase for frequent travelers.

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